The Awesome, the Gentleman

It was a sudden plan, she went for a clinical attachment at Gleneagles KK during the summer break, after failing the exam. She worried, like many things worth having in life, trying new thing was always risky because people never knew how it would turn out in the end, but at the meantime it was also excited.

There and then, she was able to surround herself with new people that taught her the value of life and that showed her that there were bigger things than her and her problems was such a valuable thing to experience. Being able to meet people that opened her eyes to new beginnings and new ways of living. Being able to breathe in new air, taste new flavours and feel differently. All these new ways of living made her rethink her life and how she was supposed to act upon it, whichever way it was. After all, there would have no feeling of not knowing where she was or where she stood. Braver.

The Awesome

There and then, she met an unimaginable, unanticipated, unthinkable, and.. incredibly awesome doctor.

What does it mean?

The doctor is polite. He is a born leader. You know, a leader often comes with arrogance, every man has an ego, agree? Though he is capable of being a leader, he is polite and elegant. Admire.

The doctor is kind. This is easy to spot. The way he treats people around him… a waiter, a vendor, his staff, his friends, etc. “I wanna sponsor Jess to finish the lesson”. He treats them with decency and respect. Them talking, no matter what station in life, what class or what rank in the org chart, the same, he is doing so.

The doctor loves his life and takes care of his health and body. He has lots of energies and activities, playing badminton, karate, swimming, climbing and the mamamia many others she doesn’t know. He’s doing good at all of them, perhaps? Oh.. he drinks mineral water instead of sugary drinks and takes Amway supplements 🙂

The doctor communicates. He answers all the questions and concerns, he is willing to work out problems with people. He is friendly and approachable.
“You guys are different, you are trained to be a doctor, she is a nurse. Don’t assume that you are same. She is good enough.” Absolutely, every person has their own identity and beauty.
“Don’t laugh, show your poker face, be professional.” No wonder, he shows his super poker face at OT, that is pretty cold and distant, but professionally proficient.
“Don’t say sorry, be responsible and concentrated”. Definitely, people perform better under strict management, so gratified to be corrected.
“It’s actually complications, don’t hide from the patients, just go straight and let her know that you would take good care of her. There is no ‘no complications OP’. So don’t hide, be responsible.” A fear of weakness only strengthens weakness, strength strengthens strength, that’s why he is strong and powerful :b
Hmm.. he can be a bit impatient sometimes, if he is really focusing on something, especially to those “not that clever” staff sometimes. Don’t worry, the staff still there.

The doctor is good at work! Well.. bit harsh but.. He is a great leader who has his own style. Passion, focus, confidence and clarity, integrity and compassion, humility and empowering, self-awareness as well. Jeez, what an attractive leader, really looking up to this doctor.

Hey Mr. Chan, Nice to meet you :)

Hey Mr. Chan, 
Nice to meet you 🙂



The Gentleman

The doctor is not just about knowing how to dress. Instead, he dresses nicely, because it first brings the personal satisfaction? Lol. He is always well taken care of and dressed perfectly, is it because how you dress reflects your respect for others?
It is really irresistible when he is in suit which ooze power and masculinity. (Can see her grinning face with twinkle eyes?)

The doctor is not having a silver tongue, nor is it speaking with eloquence and having a wide vocabulary. He is sincere in what he says through those words. He is genuine in what he says to people. Not just talking out of your ass. (Heart melts)

The doctor is CHIVALROUS through actions. Manners are important, but motives behind the action even more. A dirt bag can do the same action, with selfish motives. Lead a girl on, knowing that it is going nowhere and telling her pretty little lies just to satisfy his ego. Is it conceivable that the doctor is a true gentleman? Reasonable.

The doctor is a curious and energetic doctor who is also extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic. He likes changes as well. He is able to transform his thoughts into concrete actions and he will do anything to achieve his goals. What an amazing, is it a real?

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.


The doctor doesn’t talk much. As we say there is magic in silence, in being quiet. It’s a reservoir of great power, beauty, and creativity. She loves the vibes.

Our lives are so cluttered with noise. The doctor is like a wise person who speaks because he has something to say, not like a fool speaks because he has to say something. How often do we speak because we just have to say something, because we are just not comfortable with silence?

The silence has made her try to understand his thoughts, to see his beautiful soul, to guess the way he grew and transformed from each hardships. Suppose.. he mush have had a good parents, to raise him become great adults; he much have had a good wife, to support him become who he is on the stage nowadays.

The chat, he shared something about his grandpa, was a legend with striking stories, a demigod, like people called her dad? (interesting)

She is inquisitive, in exposing the deeper layers. There is so much more than we can see.

The Chivalry

The Chivalry.



She got to write about the favorite moments, her least favorite moments, ideas, people she met, strangers she walked past on the street, favorite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 6pm at Sutera Habour, how the red wine tasted with new friends, new songs she has discovered at the sky bar, places she wanted to go, wrote about her passions, how she felt in that exact moment.
Nothing will ever go as you expect it to be, yet been recharged. Getting back and facing the national exam. She is ready to pass the exam. Next KK trip as a reward? Sounds good.

Thank you Sabah, thank you KK, thank you GKK, thank you dear Mr. Chan and lovely Jess and Kim.
Everything happens for a reason. If we get an opportunity, take it and if something comes along in our life to change it, let it.


People come in and out of our lives
for different and unknown reasons.

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