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「繼續保持 而且要比我 更強更好!
這些年 要持續比別人努力 認真謙虛學習 雖然會犧牲一部分自己的自由和興趣 但是根基打好 未來就會更寬廣」

「恭喜妳獲得了眾人的焦點和賞識,這是一個好的開始! 但是,在白色巨塔中,有萬眾矚目的焦點,就有案中背後的冷言閒語暗箭,懂得如何拿捏分寸,才是箇中高手。 拉造口關傷口,每一個病患都一樣的做法?有不同做法?優點/缺點?可能產生的併發症? 這是一個給自己自信的好的開始,可是,更重要的是要知道如何去挖掘站在妳對面那個人的專業知識與經驗技術,去學習我們自己不會不懂欠缺的技能,因為書上寫的很容易,可是病患的狀況並不一定會按書本內既定情況發生,而遇到狀況該如何處理? 適時表現、適時隱藏,該如何拿捏? 親愛的妹,我想妳的聰明會了解的…」

by 柯神

A letter to thank JSL


First off , I would like to thank you for not giving up. Life has been tough but you have done quite a good job to stay alive. Looking back to your journey up, do you think you were a bit too harsh sometimes? I know this is what you want to say someday, “If it wasn’t for my younger self working so hard I would have never made it to where I am now”, don’t be too strict, you’re doing good sweetheart.

Second, I would like to thank you for having a bucket list when you were 14 years old saying that you wanted to become a doctor and travel the world! You haven’t reached these two though, but luckily you are on the path. Thank you for going through the small tests and exams and getting an education. Yes, thousands times you doubt your efforts and you think you won’t make it, but the hard work will pay off. I am so proud that you are working hard and being financially independent from your family at a young age. I am delighted to know that you know the values of the family and you are always there whenever they need you. The older you grow, the more you realize that the greatest gift is having lovely family in life! Oh, and really really thank you for standing up and fighting when someone did not believe in you.

Girl, do you know you are looking good and attractive, with your Confidence, knowing your own mind and what you want and go for; Positivity, they said you had the power to enlighten someone’s day just by smiling and talking to them; Decisiveness, always knowing who and what you want, as well as when and how to stop; Passion, being passionate about your pursuits in life, your eyes light up when you talk about what you want to achieve in life. Kindness and gentleness, they said you were taking care of their emotional hygiene and mood with light and with a fair dose of humor; the patients thanked you for being empathetic and understanding with them, you received their loves and gifts in return. Girl, you have a little grown up, have you noticed that? This version of Joyce, not bad, keep going!

My dear, life always goes up and down, it is not a straight line. I am glad that you are sometimes happy and sometimes sad, this is the recipe of life! There are challenges you will have to go through, and those you will have to face in the future, some of them may break you down. You will think about your self-worth and your weakness, failure as well. It will be alright, there will have a bright blue sky ready to shine on you once you blow those dark clouds away. Meanwhile, you will find something while you are looking for help to unlock the hardships: nobody can help you but yourself.

Ops, you are still available. Stay cool, love will find you one day. The forever person finds you, the person might be far from perfect, yet this love between you will feel so right. The person won’t always say or do all the right things but he will always have the best intention towards you. Please be faithful, don’t sell yourself short. The person will change your life in all the right ways, you will settle down with the person you trust with your heart, just wait patiently dear. Don’t rush to find, you have a lifetime to spend with the person. So before that, fall in love with your own life instead. You are worth the big love that you always dream of, accept the love that you deserve and nothing less than that.

One day, you will love and be loved the way you always wanted it to be.

Lastly, Happy Birthday sweetheart. Here’s wishing you health and abundant happiness and love.
“Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.”

Happy Bday JSL, live life to the fullest!

Happy Bday JSL, may dreams come true.